Our Goal

The goal of Haiti Care Mission is to share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti through handmade items. Each hand sown item is made to help every child know that they are precious in His sight. Pinless cloth diapers, pillowcase dresses, and sleeping mats are used as a means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the children and families of Haiti.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December updates

Our Fall Trip
     As I type this letter and reflect on our most recent trip to Haiti, I am filled with gratitude.  We are so grateful for all of the opportunities we have to serve the people of Haiti and we are extremely grateful for all of you that contribute faithfully to Haiti Care Mission.  Many times during this trip, I was caught up with the thoughts and praises to God for all that He allows us to do and all of the lives that He brings into our paths.  At times, I was simply overwhelmed as I considered all of the people who have poured resources and labor into making these trips happen.  It is not just a phrase, it is the truth...“We could not do this without you.”

     During this trip, we were able to minister to over 1200 kids in five schools.  We traveled many hours of back roads but God protected us on every turn.  We were able to distribute over 2500 items to the children and young adults at the schools.  With every school, we saw their faces light up with the message from God’s Word and with appreciation for the new items.  

     In addition to completing the distributions, we also ministered on Sunday night in the evening service, where Lance and I preached together. When we were not on the road, we assembled countless number of Bible booklets, which the children call their “Bib” (Bible), for a chapel program.  Lance also did many of the jobs from the “to do” list while the girls made more friends and shared God’s love to the children.

     We are astounded at the fact that God allows us to go to Haiti and serve these wonderful people.  We are grateful to each of you for your support and prayers.  Thank you for partnering with us and believing in Gods’ call for our lives.
Here are some pictures from the trip.

· Praise the Lord for a very successful and safe trip to Haiti.  God provided for us and protected us in every way.
· Praise God for the way He supplies for the needs of each trip.
· Praise the Lord for the blessing of our financial partners, sewing groups and prayer warriors.
Prayer requests
· Please pray for the children that we ministered to during this trip.  Pray that the Word spoken to them will grow and deepen their relationship with Christ.
· Please pray for our missionary partners in Haiti.  We are honored to serve alongside these faithful servants.  We pray God’s richest blessings into their lives and ministries.
We pray that you all have a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.
With much love and appreciation,
 Lynn, Lance, Grace and Hope
Haiti Care Mission

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November updates

Last weekend, Lance and Pastor Randy had an amazing opportunity to ministry at a pastor’s conference in Arnoux, Haiti.  Although Haiti Care Mission’s primary recipients of ministry are children, this was an awesome chance to serve Haiti in a new pathway.

 During the conference, forty pastors and Bible school students gathered to take part in eleven sessions of teaching.  The theme of the conference was “Honor and Order”.  The goal of their mission was to encourage and challenge the pastors through the Word.  It was a great time of refilling and refreshing for the pastors.  We believe many lives will be touched through the work of this conference.  Please pray with us that the seeds planted during the conference will bring refreshing and refilling to each of those who attended and their churches.

 Through the generosity of New Life church and Haiti Care Mission supporters, we were able to give each pastor a gift bag with a new shirt and tie, as well as personal items.  In a culture that places high value on being properly dressed for church, it was a true blessing for each of these pastor to receive these gifts.  Thank you to all of you who donated items or financial gifts for this project.

Our Next Trip

Our trip to Haiti this month will have a level of significance for us as we are dedicating this trip to the memory of my Aunt Jean.  My aunt, Jean Rottier, passed away this spring and her family chose to bless Haiti Care Mission with the funds from her memorial.  Therefore,  we are dedicating this trip to her memory.
My aunt Jean was an amazing  woman.  She had a heart so big that she seemed to be always doing something for others and giving away part of herself.  She was a very talented craftswoman and could make just about anything with her hands.  But, the thing that I remember most about my aunt Jean was her welcoming spirit.  She loved everyone.  At the family reunions, she made each person feel special and she took time to make sure you had everything you needed.   I am sure that if a non-family member would have walked up, she would have greeted them the same way and invited them in for a bowl of booyah.
Aunt Jean spent the last years of her life fighting ALS, but the disease never stopped her loving spirit.  Even though she could not talk without her electronic devise, she still could make you feel like you were the most important person in the world.  Her spirit of love for all people and giving heart were inspiring.  As we travel to Haiti, I hope that all of the people I meet feel that same kind of love from me.  I want to show them the love of God like my aunt Jean did.  She was a great role model for all of “being the hands and feet of Christ.”
We would like to extend a very special thank you to Uncle Bob, Dustin, Rachel, Stephanie and Mitchell for honoring us through your mom’s memory.  We are grateful for your trust in us and in your gift of love to the children of Haiti.
Prayer requests and Praises
· Praise the Lord for a very successful and safe trip to Haiti.
· Praise God for the way He supplies for the needs of each trip.
· Praise the Lord for the blessing of our partners.
· Please pray for our November trip to Haiti.  Pray for the safety and protection of us as we travel to some new areas.
· Please  pray for divine appointments and connections as we travel.
· Please pray for the pastors who attended the conference.  Pray that they will walk out the lessons that they received during the conference.
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.
Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn and Lance
Pictures from the Pastors Conference


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Updates

     Welcome to the Fall season….which for us is time to start preparing for our upcoming trips to Haiti.  We currently have two trips planned for this fall.  One in October and one in November.

     As a normal part of our planning for big trips, Lance always makes a trip to Haiti alone one month prior.  He usually travels alone and makes the final preparations for our upcoming trip. This helps us in two ways.  First, he gets all the details arranged for when the girls and I arrive, and secondly, he brings several extra pieces of luggage into the country to help us be able to bless more children on the following trip.

     This October will be making one of these types of trips but with an extra element. When we started to plan this trip, we were given an opportunity for Lance and our pastor, Pastor Randy Burt, to lead a pastor’s conference for 3 days in Anoux, Haiti. There will be approximately thirty pastors attending the conference and we are praying that it will be a wonderful time of refreshing.   Pastors in Haiti rarely get a chance to receive additional training or times of encouragement.  These men are doing an incredibly challenging job and they have very few opportunities to step away from their churches for a few days to be refilled themselves.  Please pray with us that this conference will be a great time of encouragement, anointing and equipping.  We pray that they will leave with new tools and fire to do the Kingdom work in a very difficult nation.

    Along with the work at the conference, Lance will arrange all of the details for our trip in November and deliver many of our items to Haiti for us to distribute. 

     Please join us in praying for many aspects of this trip.  Pray for God’s protection as they travel.  Pray for God’s favor from the time they leave Venice to the time they return. Please pray for wisdom to preach/teach the words that these pastors need to hear.  Finally, pray for great weather during their trip.  

    Thank you for your faithful support of Haiti Care Mission.  We are grateful for every prayer spoken, every kind word of encouragement we receive, every financial gift given and every  hand made item for the children.  Together, we are making a difference in people’s lives in Haiti.  
Prayer requests and Praises
  Praise the Lord for God’s provision for this ministry and our family. 
  Praise God for items that arrive just in time for packing for the next trip.  God’s timing is perfect.
Prayer requests
   Please pray for the fall trip to Haiti.  Pray that each pastor who attends the conference to be full of expectation.  Also, please pray for the safety and protection of all who are traveling to the conference. And finally, pray for God’s words to be spoken through the speakers to refresh and renew these pastors.
Thank you for praying for us and this ministry.  We appreciate your prayers.
Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn for the Anderson ministry team


Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Projects

  This summer seems to have just rushed by us.  We were very blessed to have lots of family time this summer.  We enjoyed weekly trips to the water park as well as a short trip to Arkansas for a niece’s wedding. We feel very blessed that we can work together and set our schedule to spend lots of time with our children.

     This summer at Haiti Care we spent a great deal of time doing inventory and organizing the items we have on hand.  We are very pleased to see the balance of items we have for upcoming trips, but are ready for more items to come in.  We are always amazed at how God refills our shelves after each trip.  It is a wonderful thing that we can never out give God.  He is constantly replenishing the inventory through new sewing groups and more deliveries. 

     Another summer project for us was to recreate a set of teaching manuals for a chapel/Bible program in Haiti.  Our friend, Bev Brumbley, who created the Bible program asked us to “fix” these manuals during our last trip, but they were quite worn out and they need more than just a “fix up”.  They needed a facelift.  (It is important to note that the original manuals were printed in 1982 and have been all over the countryside of Haiti in the backpacks of the traveling teachers.) 

    With the help of the computer and a friend who did all the translation work, it was a creative journey to recreate these manuals.  As a teacher, who lives in a country of abundant resources, it was important to me that these Bible teachers have what they need to spread the Gospel to their students.   The project is not quite complete but we are in the final editing stages.  When the editing is complete, we will create the final copies with the gift of resources from New Life Church.  We look forward to delivering the books to Haiti during our November trip.  

    Our final work of the summer is the planning of our trips for the fall season.  Lance will be traveling to Haiti in October and we will be making a week-long trip in November.  If you have items you would like us to bring to Haiti, please plan to have them shipped to us by the end of September to allow time for packing.  Thank you for your faithful support of Haiti Care Mission. 

 Prayer Requests and Praises

· Praise the Lord for the connections and relationships God provides for Haiti Care. 

· Praise God for new sewing partners.  We are also excited to see how God brings new workers into the field.

Prayer requests

· Please pray for us as we start planning for our fall trips.  Pray for wisdom and God’s timing for each trip.

· Please pray for all of our sewing partners.  Pray for God’s blessing on them as they use their gifts to serve His children. 

· Please continue to pray for God’s favor and wisdom in all we do as we serve Him.

Thank you for praying for us and this ministry.  We appreciate your prayers.
Living victoriously in Christ, The Andersons and Haiti Care Mission
Here are a few pictures from our June trip.


Monday, July 7, 2014

A Short but Productive Trip

I feel a little like a broken record, but in this edition it is our pleasure to give you “another trip report.”  We are very blessed to have had the ability to make another trip to Haiti this spring.  It was an unexpected trip in terms of our plans but I believe it was all in God’s plans.

     In the first week of June, Lynn and two ladies from our church took a very short but highly productive trip to Haiti.  The trip came up very quickly following our March trip.  When in Haiti, we met up with one of our missionary friends and he  requested that we come back and serve in his churches again.  We had not been with his churches for almost 1 1/2 years, so it was perfect time to go back and reconnect with these families.

     The trip lasted only four days but in that time, we distributed over 1200 items at five locations.  It is hard to estimate how many people we met with because the numbers continued to grow as each distribution developed.  We may have started the distribution with  75 children in the church but by the time we left there were easily 125-150 kids.  Word spreads very quickly in small villages and everyone comes out to see the action.    It really excites me to touch lives so when I see more children come into the church my heart jumps for joy.

     This was a trip with many “firsts” for us.  It was the first trip without Lance as the team leader.  He and our girls stayed back in the US while Lynn took the lead.  It was a challenge to not have our trusted travel and security man but it was a wonderful opportunity to trust God in ALL things.  God lead and directed our steps and we had favor every step of the way.

     It was also the first time that I traveled to Haiti without Grace and Hope.  They are excellent workers for this ministry. We normally work as a family-team, which means we can anticipate each others needs and completely understand each other.  On this team, we had two ladies from the church who have never served together in this arena so there was potential for confusion to creep in, but God was faithful and He brought our hearts and minds together as one.  The team worked together seamlessly and showed great order in what can be very much chaos.

     Overall, the trip was wonderful and God made everything work out perfectly.  We had many opportunities to serve the missionary and his wife in several areas as well.  From technology to cooking, the team was willing to “do whatever it takes” to serve and they did that with excellence.

     As always, we can not make these trip and serve the children of Haiti without your help and support.  We are grateful for every gift given and every item of love sewn.   From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for making this trip and this ministry possible.
Prayer requests and Praises
· Thank the Lord for a successful and safe trip to Haiti for Lynn and the team.
· Praise the Lord for the way He makes all of the items multiply to meet the needs of each person we minister to.
· Praise God for great missionary partners in Haiti that take excellent care of us when we are in Haiti.
· Please pray for us as we try to take some time for rest this summer.  There are always many needs and our hearts what to help in every one.  Pray for discernment to do only what God is calling us to do.
Thank you for praying for us and this ministry.
Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn and Lance


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Words of Thanks

This month I thought it would be nice to share with you some words of thanks that we have received from one of the ministries that we work with in Haiti.  The reason I want to share this with you is because it is a thank you to each of you.  We are only able to do this work through your support.  Haiti Care Mission is not just the Andersons.  It is every person who contributes to this mission.  We are a large body with many parts.  We have sewing partners, praying partners and financial partners.  Without each of you, we could not serve the children of Haiti as God has called us.  So this “Thank you” is for you.

Good morning Lynn and Lance Anderson:
Thank you for the power of love that you have shown to the children and members of our Mission, "Let The Children" this last Saturday the 26th of April 2014. 
This morning I strongly feel His presence and loving care for the great works that you are doing for Haitian's children. May God through our brother Jesus Christ, keep your heart open for the children of Haiti.
We appreciate your support and future blessings that you may have for our Mission and we will also keep Haiti Care Mission in our prayers.  We pray that God can open doors for you and He will continue to bless you both spiritually and financially.

By the Grace of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.
Best regards,

Dominique Germain

Site Coordinator for Haiti

Let The Children 

(Fondasyon Timoun Lakay)

     It was an honor for Lance to serve with this ministry on his last trip and we are so grateful to hear that it made an impact in the lives of the children.

     At the end of this week, Lynn and two ladies will be traveling to Haiti for another short trip.  We plan to visit 5-6 different locations and meet with many children.  We have over 1000 items packed to bless the children.  We are praying to make many new relationships and strengthen old ones.  Please pray for us as we travel.

     Finally, on a personal note, we are very excited to be starting our summer vacation from school.  Grace has finished 3rd grade. Hope has completed 2nd grade and Lynn finished her 24th year of teaching.  Lance is working on his last class for his 2nd year of ministry training.  We are thankful for a season of rest and refreshing.
Financial Partner Name Change
     Please take note that our financial accountability ministry has changed their name.  They have gone through some changes with their logo and name but they are still the same. 
     Their new name is Ministry Alliance.  When sending financial support, you can use the same address and continue to write checks directly to Haiti Care Mission.  The receipt you receive will have their new information. 
     They also have a new webpage which will allow you to make a donation directly through the webpage.  If you are currently using recurring payments through Faith in the Family, nothing will change except for the name of the organization on your credit card statements. 
        If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Tim at Ministry Alliance at 704-910-0546.
Prayer requests and Praises

· Please pray for our upcoming trip in June.  Lynn and two ladies will be traveling to Haiti in the first week of June to minister to the children in 5-6 different locations.  Pray for safety when traveling, favor wherever we go and God’s direction in all of the details.

· Please pray for the people of Haiti.  As the summer approaches, weather has a big impact on their lives.  Pray for God’s hand of protection over the nation through this summer season.

· Please pray for healing for the people of Haiti that have contracted Chikungunya virus.  It is a mosquito borne illness that is affecting many people.  Pray for the complete end of the virus and healing for all of those affected.

· Praise God for unexpected gifts and opportunities.  We are so grateful that He is leading this ministry.

Thank you for all of the prayer support.
Living victoriously in Christ,  Lynn and Lance



Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Successful Trip

"Another successful trip”...these are the words we are writing quite often lately.  Have you noticed?  Over the past 7 months, we have had 5 trips to Haiti.  We are so excited to be experiencing  a time of increase in our ministry and in our opportunities to be serving in Haiti.

     Earlier this week, Lance returned from a 4 day trip to Haiti.  While he was there he helped with a tile project and worked on a Haiti Care Mission distribution.  God started the ground work for this trip during our trips in November and March. 

     During the November trip, Lynn and the girls went to a small school in Petionville where we met Pastor David.  David was the pastor/principal of a school where we were able to distribute HCM items. We really enjoyed our time with Pastor David and hoped that we would have more opportunities to serve with him again.

     Meanwhile, during our March trip, we met Madame Dominque, who runs a ministry for “street children” in Delmas.  She takes care of at least 150 children every Saturday.  The children range in age from three years old to 25.  This ministry provides a variety of activities for these children.  They serve these children through a prayer meeting, a meal, and skills classes (computer/sewing/jewelry design/etc.)  The children also make sweet treats which provides an income for the ministry.  The day we met Dominique she invited us to come and tour her ministry and meet her “children”.   But, we knew we wanted to do more than meet her children.  We wanted to bless them with gifts of love.

     During Lance’s trip last week, he had the opportunity to visit Dominique’s mission.  He had a wonderful time meeting the children and sharing the Gospel message with them.  He was also able to take gifts in for each child as a reminder of how much God loves them.  Interestingly, Lance’s host for the day was Pastor David.  Pastor David serves as the Spiritual Coordinator and Director of Programs for this mission.  It was a real blessing for us to work with Pastor David again and meet these precious children. 

     We are grateful for how God opened the doors for Haiti Care Mission to serve with this ministry in Haiti.  The entire planning of this trip was through the hands of the Almighty.  He made these connections and He brought the pieces together.  That has to be one of the best parts of being in ministry….watching God work for His children.

     In addition to the distribution/outreach that Lance completed, he also finished a tiling job for our missionary partners.  The bathroom that he worked on was one of the last parts of their home that still had damage from the 2010 earthquake.  It was nice to be able to help remove the last sign of that traumatic day from their house.

     So we hope you will praise God with us for “another successful trip.”  We are grateful for the opportunity to be used by God to serve His missionaries and to serve His children.  We are looking forward to the next trip and the next chance to be His hands and feet.   By the way, God has already opened the door for the next trip and we will be returning to Haiti in June for another opportunity. Praise the Lord.

Prayers and Praises

· Praise the Lord for new connections and relationships in Haiti.  Thank God for opening doors to new ministry opportunities.

· Praise the Lord for a safe and successful trip for Lance.

· Please join us in praying for our upcoming trip in June.  We are excited for another opportunity be on the ground in Haiti and work with the precious children.  Pray for all of the planning and details to fall into place.

· Please keep our family in your prayers.  We strive to honor God in all we do.  Pray for us to have wisdom and direction.


Thank you for keeping Haiti Care Mission in your prayers.  We are grateful to have a strong prayer covering on this ministry.  Please let us know how we can be praying for you.

Lance working with the street ministry.

Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn and Lance Anderson