Our Goal

The goal of Haiti Care Mission is to share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti through handmade items. Each hand sown item is made to help every child know that they are precious in His sight. Pinless cloth diapers, pillowcase dresses, and sleeping mats are used as a means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the children and families of Haiti.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer work at Haiti Care Mission

The summer work at Haiti Care Mission is a time of organizing and preparing.  Since a lot of sewing groups take time off in the summer, this is a good time for us to get caught up on inventory and spend time preparing items.  We need to arrange everything we have so we know what we will be taking on the upcoming trips, what we need more of, and what items are being sent out with missions teams.

One item we are arranging for is footwear.  Since our last newsletter, we have had a very big response to the need for flip flops.  We have several groups that have made  commitments to provide shoes for the children of Haiti.  We are currently expecting over 300 pair of flip flops to arrive in time for our next trip.  We are very excited about the number of shoes that have been committed and look forward to bringing them to the children. 

 Since there has been a great interest in providing shoes, we have decided to keep this as an ongoing project of HCM.   A simple pair of shoes is very helpful in preventing disease, and when used in correlation with the Gospel message, they can be used to change a life for Christ.  We love how God can take a seemingly simple item and allow us to use it as a tool for Him. (Please remember to send only new, unused flip flops and understand that light weight flip flops are best due to packing and shipping concerns.)

 Another exciting activity of the summer is when we meet new sewing groups.  One group is the result of our daughter, Grace, and her enthusiasm for Haiti.  When we returned from our last trip, she gave a presentation to her class about life in Haiti and what we do when we travel there.  Her teacher was really touched by the presentation and she decided to start a sewing school for the other teachers.  As their project, they will be making dresses for the mission.  We are very excited to see how God took the words of a 2nd grader and propelled an adult into action.  We are very proud of our girls and it is truly an honor to have them on our ministry team. 

 In addition, we are taking some time this summer to make memories with our girls.  We are really enjoying our time off of school and schedules.  We are using our time to laugh, play and appreciate each other.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Haiti Care Mission and our family. We appreciate each of you.
Prayer requests and Praises

· Praise the Lord for a great response to the call for flip flops.  We have several groups committed to providing footwear for our next trip. 
· Praise the Lord for the partner ministries that bring the items to Haiti and distribute them for us. 
· Please pray with us for the people of Haiti.  They live a life with many hardships and challenges.  Please pray for them to know the joy of the Lord as their strength.
· Please pray for the Lord to direct and lead us in every way.  We know that God’s plans for Haiti Care Mission  are perfect and we desire to follow His plans.
Thank you for your continual prayers and support.  We appreciate all of you and your commitment to serving the children of Haiti.

Happy Fourth of July!  Celebrate your freedoms of living in America and life in Christ.
Living victoriously in Christ, Lynn and Lance Anderson, Mission Directors


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Haiti Care Mission's trip to Haiti- Part 2

     The second half of our spring trip was as eventful as the first.  We started off with a trip to the countryside to visit three schools/churches.

      Our first stop was in Petit Goave where we noticed that many of the students were using their backpacks which were distributed during our last trip. It was very rewarding to see that the backpacks are being put to good use.  Thanks to the generosity of Fellowship Bible Church in Venice we were able to supply every boy with a pair of flip flops.  The girls were happy to receive another dress. 

     Our second stop of the day was at a school in Arnoux.  We were able to teach a Bible lesson to the afternoon classes and distribute shorts and dresses to all of the students.  It is always amazing to see how God plans out every item and makes sure no one is missed.  We simply cannot explain how it happens but we are always able to bless all of the children even when our planning is guess work.  God knows His children and is looking out for every one.

     Our next stop for distribution was at a school which is new to us in Caiman.  The Caiman school is quite a distance off the nearest road and travel to the school is treacherous.  Part of their school is a brush arbor church which is in the process of being built into a permanent structure.  The children were very excited to receive their dresses, toys and backpacks.  Many of the boys stayed on the school grounds after school to play with their new cars.  They created a ramp and several obstacles for the cars to travel over.  They were thrilled to receive this gift of love.

     The following day, Pastor Tom took us to another school in Petionville, where we were able to share the Gospel and items with close to 200 students.  The pastor who oversees this school is a former student in the EWO Bible School.  We are very grateful for the connections that God is creating for us through our friends in ministry. 

     Through the help of Pastors Tom and Lamartine, we have been growing in the number of schools and churches that we have linked arms with.  One of our major goals of Haiti Care Mission is to continue serving more and more children and families in Haiti. God is leading and making the connections and we are grateful to be in the move with Him.

     Through this trip we were very blessed to be able to serve with current ministries and connect with several new ministries.  This made the trip extra special to us and very rewarding as well.  We are already looking forward to our next trip to Haiti this fall.
Looking forward to the fall.
     As we look forward to our next trip in November, there are a few items we are specifically looking for.  When we return to Haiti we would like to bring enough backpacks to supply an entire school with new backpacks.

     Last summer, our sewing groups made over 700 backpacks.  Those backpacks were spread over several schools and ministries and were very much appreciated.  In the fall, we would like to bring the backpacks again. 

     If your sewing groups would like to make backpacks for this trip, please let us know.

     We are also looking to bring in flip flops in the fall.  The distribution on the flip flops was very popular and shoes are very important to the children. Boy’s and men’s sizes are most needed.  Simple, no frills flip flops are best because they are easiest to  transport. Flip flops from Dollar Tree are perfect.  Please let us know

Prayer requests and praises

· Praise God for a safe and productive trip to Haiti.  God watched over us and ordered our steps every day.

· Praise the Lord for the work of many hands that are faithfully making items for Haiti and for those that are helping iron labels and prepare the items.

· Please pray for more laborers for the field.  We are always in need of new sewing groups and partnerships.

· Please pray for the people of Haiti as the storm season ramps up. Pray for God’s protection over them.

· Please pray for us to have  wisdom from God for the direction of HCM.

Thank you for your prayer support.  We appreciate all of our prayer warriors
Living victoriously in Christ,   Lynn and Lance Anderson  Mission Directors