Our Goal

The goal of Haiti Care Mission is to share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti through handmade items. Each hand sown item is made to help every child know that they are precious in His sight. Pinless cloth diapers, pillowcase dresses, and sleeping mats are used as a means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the children and families of Haiti.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Needs for Haiti Care Mission

     During our trip to Haiti, we determined that there are some new needs for Haiti that we would like to attempt to meet.
     One of the new needs is that of shorts for boys.  While it was wonderful to give dresses to the little girls and share with them,  it was very hard to see the boys and not have much to give them.  We did share small items with them so no one went home empty handed but it was made evident to us that there is a need for boys shorts as well as dresses for the girls. 

     In the future we want to be able to bring something significant for every child, so we are now opening up the sewing groups to start making boys shorts.  The boys shorts will mainly be for play since they wear pants to school and church.  The style of the shorts needs to be relaxed and comfortable.  The sizes needed range from 2T to boys size 16.

     We also found that we have a need for dresses in larger sizes.  The pillowcase dresses are a good fit for most school children, but, in Haiti, some children start school later than 5 years old.  Therefore, when they reach 6th grade they can be as old as 15 years old.  We need dresses that will fit young women, not just the school girls.  The girls in the schools and churches we visited were very happy to receive the new dresses we had for them but some will be wearing them as long-style shirts instead of dresses.  Next time, we want to be able to give them something they will be able to feel comfortable wearing. 

     The third need that was revealed to us was a need for drawstring backpacks.  With school starting in the fall, we received a request from one missionary for 600 backpacks.  The children need something very simple to take their things back and forth to school.  They do not carry much to school but it would be great to share the love of Jesus with them in a very practical and tangible item.

   With the growth of Haiti Care Mission, we expect to see changes in the needs on a regular basis.  It is our desire to meet the needs in whatever way we can.  If you are interested in helping make these new items, please give us a call so we can give you more specific information.

Praises and Prayer request
     We know that a good prayer covering over a ministry will make a huge difference.  Please join us in praying for these requests:
· Please pray for the Anderson family as they travel to the Midwest to promote Haiti Care Mission and develop new sewing groups.
· Please pray for the financial needs of HCM.  We know God is the supplier of all our needs.  Pray for those He has called to give.
· Please pray for Haiti.  Pray that the Gospel of Jesus would bring them hope.
· Praise God for a very successful trip to Haiti.  Many connections were made.
· Praise Him for His provision for His ministry.  He is meeting all of our needs.

 Thank you for all your prayers and support.  We appreciate you.

We would like to leave you with a few more pictures from Haiti Care Mission's trip to Haiti this spring.