Our Goal

The goal of Haiti Care Mission is to share the love of Jesus with the children of Haiti through handmade items. Each hand sown item is made to help every child know that they are precious in His sight. Pinless cloth diapers, pillowcase dresses, and sleeping mats are used as a means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the children and families of Haiti.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Time to get ready

     With our next trip approaching very quickly,  we have shifted our focus from our receiving phase into a planning and packing phase.  We are very grateful that through the last month we have received boxes almost 4 days a week.  We have a very nice supply of items that are ready to be taken into Haiti. Since our trip is at the end of the month, we have now moved into full scale planning and organizing.

    Packing for our trips is never an easy process.  We are always striving to bring in the most amount of items possible.  We start our planning by asking the question of “what will we bring”, then we move on to the question of “how many will we bring” and then we advance to the question of “how will we get all of this packed?” 

     There is no scientific formula for packing the way we do.   We are constantly revamping the way we pack and reorganizing the items.  Because we are taking a team with us this time, we will have the advantage of several extra bags and extra hands to help handle them. We are currently looking at taking in approximately 1,000 gifts. 

   Lance just returned from a short trip to Haiti to help with more of the preparations for the upcoming team trip.  He spent four days with a missionary delivering supplies to the work site and preparing for the team.  He also brought in a large load of items we will use for distributions when we are in country. 

    The focus of the upcoming  trip will be two-fold.  Half of the team will be working on construction on a small brush arbor church in Caiman.  The church is already built and being used but it is in need of a roof.  The team will stay in the countryside at the work site for as long as it takes to complete the job.  Please pray for the protection of the team as they work and pray for cool weather.

    The other half of the team will be staying in Port au Prince to do a few distributions and complete office work for the missionary we will be staying with.  We will be traveling to 2-3 schools to distribute items and share the Gospel with the children. 

     Traveling with a team will be a new adventure for us.  We normally travel as a family “team” but this time we will be bringing four extra workers with us.  We are very excited to share this ministry and our experiences with these wonderful friends.  Please pray for our team as we take them past their comfort zones and into a lot of unknowns.  We have done our best to prepare them but there are just some things you can not be prepared to encounter.  We know this team is full of high level servants of the Lord so we are confident they are ready for this challenge.

     As we approach the next few weeks, will you please take some time to pray for us and for this trip?  We are expecting to see God work in wonderful ways. Will you pray for God’s hand of protection to be over us and His hand of guidance to lead us?   Pray that God would use us to accomplish His will in the people we encounter and  serve.

    Thank you to all of our sewing groups who have been hard at work preparing the tools we will use during this trip and thank you for all the prayer warriors that will call on the Lord for this trip.

Praises and Prayer requests

· Praise the Lord for a successful trip for Lance to Haiti.  He had favor every step of the way and accomplished much to prepare for our team trip this month.

· Praise the Lord for many new items that have been arriving daily.  The ministry has been blessed richly in the last few months with more goodies for the kids.

· Please join us in prayer for protection and guidance of the Lord over us and the team we will be traveling with this month.  Pray for safe travel and God appointments.

· Please pray for the missionaries and pastors in the field we will be serving with.  Pray that we can walk alongside of them and lighten their load.

· Please pray for the sewing groups of Haiti Care Mission.  Winter is a busy season for many of them.  Pray that they would be blessed for their hard work and service to His children.

Thank you for the faithful prayers over this ministry.  We appreciate all of those who lift us up.